Employees - you can raise a concern with in the knowledge that your identity will remain anonymous from your employer and your colleagues.

This is a key part of our service designed to overcome one of the problems with traditional self administered whistleblowing schemes.

We do, however, ask you for your identity and will not process your concern unless you make it and certain other personal details known to us. However, we keep this information confidential.

One of the reasons we require this information is to ensure that we can intermediate between you and your employer – acknowledge receipt of your concern, give you ongoing feedback, request supplementary information from you to assist the investigation of your concern and advise you of the outcome of the investigation.

A further and very important reason we require your identity is to afford you the protection of the Protected Disclosure in the Public Interest Act. In the unlikely event that management or colleagues successfully speculate that it was you who raised a concern and that you suffer adversely as a result, you can invoke the protection of your company’s policy on whistleblowing or of the Protected Disclosure in the Public Interest Act. You can do this, in the first instance, by contacting us. We will, as part of our service, guide you on how to approach this.

Finally, we aggregate some of the information you give us with similar information provided by others in similar circumstances and use this to provide Management Information to your and other employers on wrongdoing and malpractice in the workplace.

But we never reveal your identity or personal data without your permission unless, in exceptional circumstances, we are required by law or by court order to do so.

This project has been supported by Kildare Local Enterprise Office which is co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Union under Ireland's EU Structural Funds Programmes 2007 - 2013.