What is Raiseaconcern.com?

Raiseaconcern is an independent Irish organisation that manages whistleblowing schemes for employers.  We also undertake independent investigations of workplace wrongdoing, particularly in the area of Dignity at Work (bullying, hasassment and sexual harassment) and engage in dispute resolution.

If you have a concern about workplace wrongdoing which you are uncomfortable about disclosing directly to your employer, you can raise it safely and securely with us. We understand that you may be afraid of recrimination or reprisal so we are completely independent. A key aspect of our service is that we protect your identity. You raise your concern on our secure website.  There are no difficult or embarassing meetings with management.  We will pass your concern to your employer but we will not disclose your identity. Our job is to act as a means of trusted communication between you and your employer’s senior management.

If you meet the requirements of the Protected Disclosures Act 2014 you will qualify for the protections available under that legislation as if you had raised the matter directly with your employer.

You can only use our service if your employer is registered with us. If they are not, you can Recommend an Organisation

For more details about Raiseaconcern.com see About Us.

This project has been supported by Kildare Local Enterprise Office which is co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Union under Ireland's EU Structural Funds Programmes 2007 - 2013.