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Raiseaconcern appointed Confidential Contact Person for FAI 04/07/2024
A Year in Review - top 10 whistleblowing queries 2023 07/12/2023
New Statutory Guidance on Protected Disclosures Act for Public Bodies 23/11/2023
Roche must pay whistleblower €8,000 compensation - WRC 20/11/2023
17 December 2023 Deadline for Extension of Protected Disclosures Obligations 17/11/2023
Department of Defence announce Raiseaconcern to continue in role as Confidential Contact Person after IRG Report 04/04/2023
Launch of IRG Report into Defence Forces referencing Raiseaconcern as Confidential Contact Person 30/03/2023
Tánaiste publishes Report of the Independent Review Group on Dignity and Equality issues in the Defence Forces 30/03/2023
Defence Forces - Statement on Independent Review Group 02/02/2023
Minister McGrath welcomes enactment of new law to strengthen Whistleblower protection 11/08/2022
Irish Court Rules on Lawfulness of Use of CCTV in Disciplinary Proceedings 11/08/2022
Blowing the Whistle: Is your organisation ready for the new whistleblowing legislation? 11/08/2022
Defence Forces abuse inquiry receives ‘many’ new complaints. Interim report containing testimonies of serving and ex-members sent to Minister 29/04/2022
Report to Minister for Defence from Raiseaconcern to be submitted to the Independent Review Group 27/04/2022
Proposed updates to Irish whistle-blowing legislation 07/04/2022
Protected Disclosures ( Amendment) Bill 2022 - what does it mean for employers? 04/04/2022
Employee awarded six months salary due to flawed Dignity at Work investigation 30/03/2022
NDAs in Sexual Harassment Cases in Ireland 23/03/2022
Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission publishes a Code of Practice on Sexual Harassment and Harassment at Work 10/03/2022
Protected disclosures (amendment) bill 2021 published - A lot of work to be done! 03/02/2022
Alarming Supreme Court Decision on Employee Whistleblowing Claims 11/01/2022
Significant Supreme Court Decision on the scope of whistleblower protection 07/12/2021
Details of Confidential Contact Person (Raiseaconcern) - Defence Forces 22/10/2021
Raiseaconcern Managing Director Philip Brennan responds to Minister for Defence Simon Coveney's Press Release of today regarding interim measures supporting Dignity in the Workplace for the Defence Forces. 06/10/2021
Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence, Simon Coveney, announces interim measures supporting Dignity in the Workplace for Defence Forces 06/10/2021
Food company must maintain employment of director who made protected disclosure 04/08/2020
Companies must treat protected disclosures with great care 26/02/2020
Cases provide further guidance to employers on dealing with protected disclosures 05/12/2019
Labour Court rules no penalisation where dismissal of whistleblower is “wholly unrelated” to disclosures made 20/08/2019
Has the Whistle Been Blown on Confidentiality Clauses/Non-Disclosure Agreements? 19/08/2019
Justice for the man who took on the law 02/05/2019
EU gives 'high level' protection to whistleblowers 16/04/2019
WRC finds Serious Breach of Fitness and Probity Standards No Grounds for Fair Dismissal 07/12/2018
Conducting Corporate Investigations – Recent Developments 02/10/2018
The fine line between Workplace Bullying and Negligence - The Court of Appeal clarifies the law 20/09/2018
Recognising the value of an external workplace Investigator 31/08/2018
New regulation requires whistleblowers to prove their disclosure was motivated by a general public interest concern 27/07/2018
Objective Bias: How Independent Does an Independent Investigator Need to Be? 24/07/2018
Employer ordered to pay €46,000 in sexual harassment claim 18/07/2018
Workplace Investigations and Fair Procedures 17/07/2018
IBE Ethics at Work Survey Europe 09/07/2018
Halting Workplace Investigations 24/04/2018
Reinstatement Awarded Following Summary Dismissal 23/04/2018
Bullying in the Workplace: How Do I Handle It? 23/04/2018
Honesty versus Integrity in Regulatory Matters 03/04/2018
Employee Rights During Investigations 28/03/2018
Whistleblowing systems - some common myths and how to overcome them 17/03/2018
Ireland Leads Europe in Whistleblower Protections 12/03/2018
Prison Service whistleblower penalised after making protected disclosure 11/03/2018
Whistleblower Prison Officer wins €30k for poor treatment 11/03/2018
Protected Disclosure - Definition and Time Limits 11/03/2018
Office Romances - Employers beware 22/02/2018
Whistleblowing Update - Irish Case Law 10/01/2018
Charleton Tribunal rejects all complaints by Garda Keith Harrison 01/12/2017
Tribunal dismisses claims of garda whistleblower and his partner as 'nonsense' 01/12/2017
Workplace Whistleblowing Trend goes International: Ireland's Protected Disclosure Act 2014 01/12/2017
UL lifts suspension of whistleblowers whose claims sparked inquiry 24/11/2017
When does an internal investigation become a courtroom 29/09/2017
Care home whistleblower gets€17,500 over suspension 28/09/2017
NUIG Academic secures injunction halting investigation 25/09/2017
Fair Procedures At Investigation Stage - Where Do Things Stand Now? 04/09/2017
Workplace Bullying - Significant Supreme Court Decision Clarifying the Position 31/08/2017
The Lyons Case - Legal representation in workplace investigations 17/08/2017
Lyons v Longford Westmeath Education and Training Board - Are Employees Now Entitled to Full Fair Procedures at the Preliminary Investigation Stage? 09/08/2017
Can Lyons v Longford and Westmeath ETB already be distinguished on its facts 27/07/2017
Local Authority Whistleblower's Case Dismissed 13/07/2017
Has the Supreme Court Decision in Ruffley Established a Higher Threshold for Bullying? 01/06/2017
Workplace Investigations but not as we know them 27/05/2017
Central Bank dealing with 50 whistleblowing allegations 22/05/2017
Judge backs prison service whistleblower's allegations 22/05/2017
Emboldening Financial Services Whistleblowers 22/05/2017
High Court Judgement: Lyons v Longford Westmeath Education & Training Board. (Concerning right of Respondent to legal respesentation and to cross examine accusers in workplace investigations) 20/05/2017
Number of whistleblowers in Irish Financial Services set to double 18/05/2017
Respect Whistleblowers Tanaiste urges 16/05/2017
Protecting the Identity of Whistleblowers - a Stark Lesson 08/05/2017
Whistleblower exposes price fixing scam between carpet firms 05/05/2017
Grace whistleblower - absolutely worth making disclosures 28/04/2017
How to handle alleged bullying and harassment 21/04/2017
Ireland has destroyed the lives of whistleblowers 14/04/2017
Nursing Home Whistleblower gets €52,416 for unfair dismissal 07/04/2017
New Garda rules encourage speaking up as harassment of whistleblowers continues 28/01/2017
Stage is set for US watchdog to create first whistleblowing millionaire in Ireland 01/01/2017
Protected Disclosures - Whistleblowing - Two recent cases 13/12/2016
Another injunction under whistleblowing legislation 23/11/2016
Whistleblowers - secret heroes of transparency 21/11/2016
Garda whistleblowers not encouraged to raise concerns says review. 11/11/2016
An Garda Síochána welcomes report on whistleblowing policy 11/11/2016
Ireland can no longer turn its back on whistleblowers 09/11/2016
Manager of IT Office uses whistleblower legislation in case 03/11/2016
McCann Fitzgerald Summary briefing whistleblowing obligations 24/10/2016
GSOC creaking under weight of regulatory complaints 18/10/2016
First Award of Penalisation of a Whistleblower 18/10/2016
Alleged targeting of informant makes mockery of the new Garda policy 06/10/2016
Workplaces still lack whistleblower safeguards 23/09/2016
Whistleblowing Project targets malpractice in workplaces 22/09/2016
Protected Disclosures Legislation shows its teeth with first statutiry injunction granted 11/08/2016
Central Bank of Ireland Report on Protected Disclosures - Year to 30 June 2016 04/08/2016
David Hall ambulance firm ordered to keep paying whistleblower 30/07/2016
Lifeline Ambulances loses dismissal county case 30/07/2016
It's time the Church recognised the importance of whistleblowers 16/06/2016
Garda chief faces public questioning over treatment of whistleblowers 14/06/2016
Garda Siochana act to provide support for whistleblowers 14/06/2016
Gardai failing to help victims of crime 14/06/2016
Ireland's first US whistleblower millionaire - is it just a matter of time? 25/05/2016
Care needed with whistleblower legislation 15/01/2016
Terms of Banking Inquiry wrongdoing review criticised 23/07/2015
Whistleblower teacher takes case against school 23/07/2015
Claims of wrongdoind to be investigated at Banking Inquiry 16/07/2015
Possible investigation into abuse allegations at former HSE funded care facility 06/07/2015
Whistleblower says voiceless girl was left to suffer 20 years of hell 06/07/2015
Cork ETB adopts whistleblower policy after scandals 07/05/2015
Maurice McCabe is a force of change for the good 13/04/2015
Transparency Ireland : Speak Up Report 2015 02/04/2015
Whistleblower planning claims set to be probed 23/02/2015
PAC decides not to hear evidence from Ansbacher whistleblower 22/01/2015
Whistleblower action 'stain on NHS' 21/01/2015
New legislation makes it essential for businesses to become whistleblower ready 02/01/2015
UK - Care Home boss suspended after naming whistleblower 22/12/2014
HSE to appoint Confidential Recipient for Whistleblowers 18/12/2014
Unthinkable : Why is whistleblowing on the rise? 16/12/2014
Guide published on how to safely be a whistleblower 09/12/2014
Whistleblower's Ansbacher files were fully examined - Feehily 04/12/2014
SF Deputy Leader calls for judicial inquiry into whistleblower sllegation 04/12/2014
Whistleblower laws unclear on PAC 28/11/2014
Attorney General to be asked for advice on Ansbacher whistleblower 27/11/2014
Whistleblowers enjoy layers of protection under new Act 25/11/2014
Dail Public Accounts Committee to investigate new claims by Garda Whistleblower 18/09/2014
Lone voice of the Whistleblower 13/09/2014
Whistleblower law is open to abuse by self serving workers 11/08/2014
Central Bank staff to report on bad bosses 06/08/2014
Giving concerned workers freedom to blow the whistle 18/07/2014
Minister Howlin announces commencement of comprehensive whistleblower protection legislation 15/07/2014
Whistleblower protection legislation comes into effect today 15/07/2014
Comprehensive law to protect whistleblowers comes into effect 15/07/2014
Why firms could pay a heavy price if they fail to prepare for new whistleblowing law 12/07/2014
The man who blew the whistle on GM Motors 05/07/2014
Opinion: Government ideas for whistleblower laws are too weak to ever be used 25/06/2014
E&Y 2014 Fraud Survey finds 49% of Irish organisations have not introduced a Whistleblowing Report Hotline 20/06/2014
Whistleblower protection must be fast tracked - HEA 30/05/2014
O'Sullivan - senior Gardai very supportive of whistleblower 28/05/2014
Purcell says whistleblower arrangements not fit for purpose 28/05/2014
Higher education bodies ordered to set up whistleblowing procedures 23/05/2014
Common ground for Garda reform - ultimately the whistleblower and the Confidential Recipient are on the same side. 18/05/2014
Whistleblower paid heavy price for raising concerns over safety at Our Lady's Hospital 18/05/2014
Corporate whistleblower tells of isolation after speaking out 16/05/2014
Whistleblower warning on corruption 10/05/2014
Guerin report says Shatter and Gardai failed to investigate whistle blower allegations 10/05/2014
Whistleblower legislation will cover Gardai 06/05/2014
Whistleblower makes formal bullying complaint 04/05/2014
Hypocrisy about whistleblowing - Donegal 01/05/2014
Bus Eireann hits back over claims of bribery 21/04/2014
Whistleblower McCabe makes new allegations against Gardai 21/04/2014
We need to tackle culture of whistleblower reprisal 21/04/2014
Minister calls on Bus Eireann whistleblower to contact Gardai over bribery claims 14/04/2014
Callinan's use of 'disgusting' to describe whistleblowers was unfortunate 04/04/2014
Whistleblowers have been vital in uncovering secrets in Ireland, says Observer's editor 02/04/2014
Any move to punish ambulance whistleblower 'won't be tolerated'. 01/04/2014
Garda John Wilson on Minister Shatter's apology 27/03/2014
Statement by Minister Shatter on whistleblowers 26/03/2014
Whistleblower employees must stand alone 24/03/2014
Coveney - we must protect whistleblowers 16/03/2014
Whistleblower - ex Garda Confidential Recipient hasn't explained his actions 06/03/2014
Whistleblowing facilitator sacked by Shatter backs Justice Minister 04/03/2014
Irish firms not doing enough to ensure effective whistleblower protection 03/03/2014
Senior Counsel will have until Easter to investigate Garda whistleblower controversy 28/02/2014
Whistleblower Maurice McCabe to be interviewed by inquiry barrister 27/02/2014
Garda whistleblowers will be protected under new Bill 27/02/2014
Accountants seek protection under whistleblower bill 27/02/2014
Shatter rejects allegations of misleading Dail on whistleblower claims 27/02/2014
Gardai can make complaints to GSOC as powers increased 26/02/2014
Whistleblower speaks out.... 25/02/2014
Whistleblower rules to be reformed 25/02/2014
Tanaiste denies Alan Shatter's position is under threat 24/02/2014
Government and Opposition clash over content of whistleblower dossier 24/02/2014
Changing the Garda culture 23/02/2014
Independent TD says whistleblowers should get maximum protection 21/02/2014
Gardai will be even less likely to put their head above the parapet with this legislation.... 21/02/2014
Gardai have nowhere to turn - whistleblower 20/02/2014
Garda whistleblower official sacked by Minister for Justice 19/02/2014
Whistleblower at FaS got €100k to settle grades case 16/02/2014
Strange tale of Shatter and whistleblower 15/02/2014
Taoiseach concedes GSOC did not have to tell Minister about bugging 13/02/2014
How Garda watchdog tape slipped below radar 09/02/2014
New law to fill Garda whistleblower gap 05/02/2014
Howlin - Good employers have nothing to fear from whistleblowers legislation 04/02/2014
UK police whistleblower faces misconduct hearings that could end his career 31/01/2014
PAC hears evidence from penalty points whistleblower for over three hours 30/01/2014
Former garda watchdog warns of 'serious flaws' in ombudsman laws 26/01/2014
Garda Commissioner says corruption allegations are disgusting 24/01/2014
Speeding driver in points row had same name as GAA star 23/01/2014
PAC may meet new penalty points whistleblower next week 23/01/2014
Senior Officers quashed €1m in fines says Garda 22/01/2014
PAC meeting to decide on whether whistleblower should give penalty points testimony 22/01/2014
No face off for Callinan with Garda in penalty points quiz 21/01/2014
Gardai took action against us because we spoke out say whistleblowers 20/01/2014
Whistleblower who exposed poor conditions for disabled vindicated 10/01/2014
Pay whistleblowers to keep big finance clean 05/01/2014
Bank staff fired after exposing corrupt official 05/01/2014
Ulster Bank worker may have stolen £500k - details emerge after successful case brought by whistleblower 20/12/2013
Ireland ranks fifth for Corporate Whistleblowing 12/12/2013
Payments to Whistleblowers - an idea worth some thought 12/12/2013
Garda anxious to testify on abuse of system 25/11/2013
New dossier shows how penalty points were wiped 23/11/2013
Ireland to get world class whistleblower law Howlin says 07/11/2013
Whistleblower laws will change standards in public sector 07/11/2013

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